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Dudley Town (Part 2)

Jan 12, 2013


Behind the town Dudleytown prosperity around the 1700s, it actually shrouded by strange occurrences and strange deaths. many residents are said to have become mad and many are missing without any news and never found again after that. records of strange events, mysterious illness that struck Dudleytown, people become crazy and reports on the emergence of strange creatures from the forest still kept to this day.

Abiel Dudley has become insane and lost all his wealth. In the final seconds of his life, Dudley told Abiel always wander aimlessly, murmuring alone and always tell the story of "strange creatures" in the forest nearby. The same fate befell William Tanner, the nearest neighbor Abiel Dudley. After the civil war ended, Dudleytown increasingly dead and many residents have begun to move out of town. Around 1901, the population was still in Dudleytown only one family: the family of John Patrick Brophy, said finally disappeared mysteriously. It begins with the death of his wife, who was afflicted with a sudden illness and misfortune continue to visit when his two sons were lost in the forest of  Dudley shortly after the funeral. Not very long after the loss of children, were charred after Brophy suddenly struck by a mysterious fire. Brophy survived the fires but not long after, he was reported missing and was never found.After the strange events that befell the last family Dudleytown, the area was closed.

Mystery story about a town called former Dudleytown back swizzle around 1940 when some visitors who came to the town site have been disturbed strange light, misty glimpse board and some strange events. Today, there are still brave enough to come visit the site this week and some of them bumped into her appearance and strange creature sightings when they were in the area. some are never scratched and pushed suddenly although no one around them. Many people say that the area was once inhabited Mohawk tribe and the land has been cursed.

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