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Dudley Town (Part 1)

Jan 12, 2013


Around the year 1740, Thomas Griffis bought a piece of land that later became an unplanned settlements known by the name of Dudley Town. Settlement located in Connecticut, United States is now only legend. It is said, it is no longer habitable anyone because the land was cursed that until now is still shrouded in mystery.

Formerly Dudley Town is a beautiful town which is decorated with the surrounding mountains and forest landscape shrubs. however,  all that is gone, as is being contemplated local community, Dudley Town is now home to the spirits of former residents who still does not peaceful. Area residents dread historically since the occurrence of the many strange things, appearances entity, the appearance of supernatural beings that scare and a curse surrounding that said Dudley Town which started since the early formation history of barbarous U.S. . Dudley Town or "Dark Entry Forest", the title of the local residents of the town of horror now become a dense forest with a narrow alley to get there. It is very seldom visited by people, especially by the people who know the horror stories in vicinity the area.

FAMILY DUDLEY and history

According to some of history that is older than the history of Dudley Town, this curse began in England back in 1510. it starts from Edmund Dudley were executed and beheaded for his part in a plot toppling King Henry VII. it is said, from the curse has hit the Dudley family. the entire royal family will be plagued Dudley terror and gruesome death will hunt entire descent until the last heir Dudley. All this is done return to their betrayal. Those who believe in this curse Dudley, said that the family will always suffer misfortune and bad luck.

Mastermind of the hijacking plot plan throne of England was actually John Dudley (son of Edmund Dudley), which had ordered his son, Guilford Dudley married Lady Jane Grey, who was then in the list of the throne. Lady Jane managed to hold temporary throne after the death of Edmund VI, but the plot failed and Lady Jane, Guilford with his father, John Dudley was arrested and sentenced to death. Not long after that, Guilford's brother who served as a military  has returned from France. Not return empty-handed, he is said to bring back with an epidemic initially spread among the officers and soldiers, then spread throughout the country, killing thousands of people. Third son of John Dudley, Robert Dudley, who was then holding the title of "Earl of Leicester" then decided to move to the "New World". Son of Robert, William then told settled in Guilford, Connecticut, and has three children Abil, Barzallai and Gideon which had bought land and lived in the town of Dudley Town.

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