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Cannibal Issei Sagawa Celebrity : part 2(end)

Sep 14, 2012


Sagawa rich father has hired a top lawyer for the defense of her son. After two years of detention without trial, judge Jean-Louis Bruguiere found Sagawa insane law and ordered him detained only in a mental institution.

           Starting with the famous author visits Inuhiko Yomoto, file

Sagawa murders have been published in Japan under the title IN THE FOG. Sagawa earned publicity contributed to the French authorities' decision to hand the man returned to his native land.

           Upon arrival in Japan, he was taken to Matsuzawa Hospital where a psychologist who examined Sagawa confirmed that he is actually sane but 'cruel'. However, Japanese authorities found it impossible to menahanannya following the French government's refusal to release documents to the Japanese courts which remain secret until now. As a result Sagawa released from a mental institution on the date 12/12/1986 and absolutely free ever since, although his release is in question and criticized many.

          Sagawa now lives in Tokyo and become a celebrity in Japan. He is often invited as a guest speaker and commentator during the year 1986-1997. Ever write a restaurant review all magazines, starred in porn movies and write books about the slaughter of comments do boys aged 14 years (referred to as Shonen A) that claimed the life of a child and injuring several others.

          If you feel that the world is not fair to chalk Sagawa popularity after committing a crime of wanton human, patient first, the real world is not so beautiful to Sagawa. In addition to part-time work mentioned earlier, there is no publisher who wants to publish his book now. In fact, he was rejected by the 500 different places of employment. On the death of his parents in 2005, Sagawa barred from attending their funeral. repay the debt after his parents, he was forced to move into public housing.

           In an interview in the magazine Vice, Sagawa expressed his intention to commit suicide. According forced to continue living with the identity of a killer and cannibal is of legal weight.

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