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Cannibal Issei Sagawa Celebrity: part 1

Sep 9, 2012

Cannibalism is derived from the Spanish pronunciation of Canibales referring to the Carib tribe in the Caribbean that has a long tradition of eating human flesh and internal organs. In principle Zoology, cannibal is an animal that makes the other animals of the same species as food. In other words,
there is no normal human being willing to kill another human being let alone to eat his flesh straight without feeling disgusted and not some crazy killer that makes normal society so as celebrities.

            But, that's what happened to the Japanese man, Issei ISAGAWA killed a Dutch woman named Renee Hartevel in 1981 and acted to eat the flesh of the woman. Not been sentenced to death, he is now a celebrity who financed his life with the community on crime.
            On June 11, 1981, Sagawa (32), who was majoring in literature at the Sorbonne demanded Academy in Paris had invited friends for dinner Hartevel, together at his house. Once convinced Sagawa to read poetry, Hartevel immediately shot in the neck with a rifle while sitting backs to the man. From that point of commencement Sagawa plan to make the woman as his dinner. First attempt to continue to bite and feed on her hips stalemate forced him out to buy meat slicer.
Renee Hartevel

        According to Sagawa himself, his victim was selected based on health and beauty women which considered both Issei is lack itself. Sagawa describes himself as "weak and ugly 'and he believes that only by eating Hartevel, he will absorb energy and her attractiveness.

           Sagawa tell just shoot Hartevel, he fainted. But rise again
with the realization that he had to honor his desire to eat her. He began eating lower body Hartevel, after making her body as pity sex.

           In interviews, Sagawa also tells how he was surprised when he first found the fat man with colors like corn. For two days, Sagawa ate Hartevel in some parts of the body. Meat Hartevel Sagawa deemed as 'soft' and 'not bad', similar to the contents of tuna. He then said to remove the mutilated corpses into the lake, without realizing that his conduct seen several witnesses. When arrested, the French police found the body parts are still in the fridge guy.

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