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Snow White : is it just myth?

Nov 16, 2012


Snow White fairy tale today is an excerpt from a leading German author, Jakob Grimm and Wilhelm Grimm, and has been adapted into an animation by Walt Disney with the name Snow White and Seven Dwarves.    

Some analysts believe that the fairy tale Snow White and Seven Dwarves is
based on the story of a woman named Margarete von Waldeck, a lover of Prince of Spain. In 1994, Sir Eckhard Sander, an analyst from Germany tried unlocking the fairy tale Snow White and seven Dwarves. He published a book entitled 'Schneewittchen: Marchen Wahrheit oder?' (Snow White: Is it a Fairy Tale?)

Sir Sander has produced some evidence about Snow White is based on a true story. Fairy tale stories by Grimm brothers were associated with the story of the life of a German woman named Cooutness Margarete Von Waldeck (1513-1534). Kicking off with the story of Margarete life. She is the daughter of a German named Count Von Count Waldeck-Wildungen and a stepmother.

At the age of 16 years, Margarete was sent to live as a Countness in Brussels. Some say she ran away from home because not tolerate the behavior of her stepmother. There, her beauty has wooed Philips, the prince who will crowned as Philip II, King of Spain. They soon became lovers. However, this relationship has been frustrating her stepmother and then act hate Margarete.

Philip II

Philip's father sees the relationship will give rise to a conflict between the nobles of Spain, because often only the royal marriage relationship based politics and the balance of power and not for love. Therefore, Sir Sander and other researchers believe there is a plot to end the relationship between Prince Philips and Margarete Margarete to end their lives quietly.

The researchers suspect that the assassin was acting poison Margarete who was then aged 21 years and caused her pain deserted. Sir Sander explains Margarete was poisoned. Just like the story of Snow White but not with poisonous apple. It is proved by the will written by Margarete. It is written not long before Margarete is dead. Handwriting shows that Margarete wrote in  trembling and also the possibility he had been poisoned.

However, in this story, her stepmother died before Margarete died. His hatred as a stepmother to Margarete however to some extent have similarities in folklore writings Snow White Grimm brothers. There are some further evidence linking the story of Snow White and Margarete life story.

STORY OF HUMAN 7 DWARF - Margarete known to grow in the Bad Wildungen where his brother has several copper mines. The majority of workers in the copper mines are children who often stunted growth due to nutritional imbalance in the body. They work like a slave labor or so called poor dwarf, and life is just mine.

           Bad Wildungen

Toiling heavy work that causes them to live in very poor conditions. they like starving children and often their life lifespan is only about 20 years old, based on observations of Sir Sander, children are believed to be human dwarfs in Snow White story, It's concerned with Margarete Margarete own family because the employer to 'dwarf '.

POISONOUS APPLE - Sir Sander also preach case at Bad Wildungen man who was been arrested on charges of giving poisoned apple to a child. He acts such as furious action boy who stole his goods. Sir Sander also believe that this case has also been put in their folklore.

HAIR COLOUR - In record Margarete said as a beautiful woman with golden hair (blonde). However, in animation we watch Snow White coloured black hair. But did you know that the earliest version of the Grimm brothers fairy tale says Snow White is coloured yellow hair?

It's hard to imagine a sad life story Margarete von Waldeck is an inspiration to fable Snow White, but so Sir Eckhard Sander and researchers presented their arguments to prove it has a pretty strong attachment concerning the life story of Margarete.

In addition, there are several other story that demystifies the real story behind the fairy tale Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

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